Falls City Mutual Insurance Co. Inc.

From our annual report to the Kentucky Department of Insurance

Please note that Net In Force business (after reinsurance) is the total exposure to your company. If every insured property suffered a total loss at the same time (a most unlikely occurance), then there would still be Surplus left in the business. Such sound financial strength is virtually unheard of in the insurance industry.

For Fiscal Year 
 Balance Sheet Items 
1.Total Admitted Assets570,223
2.Bonds   2,548
4.Mortgage Loans  16,769
5.Real Estate      0
6.Cash  42,595
7.Total Liabilities    2,844
12.Policyholders' Surplus567,378
 Insurance In force Items 
20.Gross In force business8,181,500
 Reinsured business7,731,500
21.Net In force business   450,000